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After a 55-minute journey in the middle of pasturelands, the train drops you directly at the summit. Ideally situated at an altitude of 2,045m, the lookout point at Les Rochers-de-Naye offers one of the most beautiful panoramas: the Alps of the Bernese Oberland, the Valais and Haute Savoy; the Lake of Geneva practically in its entirety, and the Swiss plains as far as the Jura. Mind you don’t miss a walk in the alpine garden of « La Rambertia». In its setting of greenery, it contains around a thousand species of alpine plants. Another attraction not to be missed is the «Marmots’ Paradise». An audio educational exhibition explains about the life of these mountain animals. In the open air, 7 parks are home to marmots from all over the world, enabling a comparison between the various races.


Type of activity : Excursion

Number of participants : 96

Locality: Montreux Region

Our strengths

Breathtaking view over the Lake Geneva

Possibility for multiple activities